JE Dunn + Hoefer Wysocki Architecture Awarded Whiteman Air Force Base Medical Clinic


The JE Dunn + Hoefer Wysocki Architecture National Healthcare Design-Build Team has been awarded the Whiteman Air Force Base Medical Clinic Renovation in Whiteman, Missouri, which was originally built in 1979.

The project is valued at an estimated $27,900,500 and is planned to achieve LEED Gold Certification. The scope of work will consist of various levels of renovation to the two story clinic. Mechanical and electrical infrastructure will be replaced along with clinic space renovation. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 1,000 days.

JE Dunn and Hoefer Wysocki Architecture are one of three teams in a nation-wide pool of architecture and construction firms to be chosen for projects under this MATOC. This MATOC serves to support the U.S. Air Force Healthcare Facilities Modernization Program, and could include up to five years of work, with a total value of $712 million worth of projects throughout the United States.

Along with JE Dunn and Hoefer Wysocki Architecture, the project team will include M.E. Group for the mechanical and electrical engineering, Mitchell Planning as the medical equipment planner and Walker & Moore for the transition planning.



Whiteman Air Force Base Construction in Progress

Construction of a 2-story building, located at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, is in progress. All tilt-up panels are poured on the slab, a 250 ton crane was used to lift them up into place. This 37,750 SF design-build facility is expected to be completed late fall of this year.

Whiteman AFB Communications Facility Ground Breaking

The official ground breaking to begin the construction of the Whiteman Air Force Base Communications Facility took place on August 25, 2009. This 37,750 SF 2-story design-build project is expected to be complete in September of 2010.



Recent Project Award at Whiteman Air Force Base

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to provide architectural services for the 37,750 SF 2-story Consolidated Communications Facility at Whiteman Air Force Base. This is a design-build project; we are teamed with Titan Construction.