Christmas in October

Hoefer Wysocki employees, friends and families participated in Christmas in October on October 6th and 7th. This year we helped the Lockharts, an elderly couple who had lived in their house for 29 years, but have not been able to keep up with the maintenance of the house in recent years. Over 20 volunteers demolished an existing deck with crumbling foundations and rotting joists and rebuilt it from the ground up! Other projects completed were adding a handrail to the back stairs, sealing some large openings in the walls adjacent to the fireplace, and adjusting and cleaning the gutters to properly flow to the downspouts.

A special thanks to everyone who volunteered: Andrew Cortez, Chris Staus, David Wysocki, Dennis Markey, Donnie Gillespie, Jillion Qui, Josh Shireman, Josh Conard, Whitney Conard, Rob Conard, Carol Conard, Lyndsee Johnson, Michael Goslinga, Molly Chasteen, Heather Diaz, Carlos Diaz, Adam Wheeler, Matt Wheeler, Tim Devine and Erin Devine.

For more information on Christmas in October, please visit


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