MacKown Dental Clinic is now open for business

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The new MacKown Dental Clinic at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX, opened for business last week and it’s a very impressive facility! 

Our firm should be very proud of this building.  It has already received a US Air Force Design Award, and will likely receive additional awards in the future.  An Air Force general officer who recently toured the facility just said “Wow … this is dental heaven!”  Everyone who sees the facility is similarly impressed. 

This isn’t just a run of the mill dental clinic; it’s the US Air Force’s Post Graduate Dental School and Clinic, a premier dental residency training and treatment facility with over 70 dental treatment rooms, a 6,000+ SF dental lab, and the latest in dental imaging technology.  Their staff are a critical component in the treatment of service members returned from overseas with severe maxiofacial / head injuries, using 3-D stereolithography modeling technology and other advanced reconstructive techniques that are only available at a few locations in the country. 

Thanks to everyone on the team for all their hard work!

Professional photography will be done next month, so great photos will be forthcoming.


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