Kansas City Metro Patrol opens its doors

The new 27,500 square foot Kansas City Metro Patrol Station is open for business and Kansas City’s civic and community leaders gathered on Wednesday to swing open the doors. After multiple glowing accolades from the Police Commissioner, the Mayor and City Council members, the building was open for tours. But the Police Department isn’t wasting any time moving into their new facility, as it should be operational over the weekend.

The new station is a state-of-the-art facility providing a secure and protected work environment while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere. The design solution reflects a thorough understanding of the Kansas City Police Department, based upon the established program and months of collaboration with the Department. Located on the site of the former Fairyland Amusement Park, this station will more effectively serve the surrounding community and help to revitalize the site of a prominent Kansas City landmark. Civic leaders agreed that this facility will be a landmark in its own right. In fact, Councilman Terry Riley said “this will be the anchor that will spur development on this corridor, and this will be a neighborhood that each and every one of us is proud of.”

The new Metro Patrol is an environmentally sustainable project that will achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver rating for its energy efficiency and responsible use of the site and materials.


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