HWA Employees Run in Westport St. Patty’s Day 4 Mile Run

HWA employees Erica Drogan, Alli Hill, Beth Ott and Alicia Roberts ran in the 32nd Annual Westport St. Patrick’s Day 4 Mile Run on March 14th. The run was sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation. All proceeds went to Bacchus Foundation, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization made up of young professionals. Sponsoring and producing several signature events a year, Bacchus raises money for an annually selected beneficiary.  This year the beneficiary is The Child Protection Center.

Erica finished as no. 76 of 444 with a time of 35.57
Alli finished as no. 165 of 444 with a time of 38:47
Alicia finished as no. 206 of 444 with a time of 42.40
Beth finished as no. 375 of 444 with a time of 50:03

All four girls were in the Female 25-29 category (444 total). Go HWA!


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